Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl


I just picked up Orly Galaxy Girl the other day,  it has been a polish I have been wanting forever and I am glad I finally got it.  I love this color!

The formula is a whole other issue though, I had so many problems getting this on even. It took three coats on some nails and four on others. I had to start completely over on one nail because the polish refused to be even. Since the color is so amazing I decided that it is ok that the formula is horrible.

Orly Galaxy Girl has a shimmering deep plum base and it has amazing teal sparkles. I think this color looks like a sexy bruise. I know, I'm crazy. :)

Here is a blurry picture that shows the teal sparkles like they truly appear on the nail.

This is definitely a must have polish for me! I'm even considering a back up bottle now that I finally bought it!

<3 Kim

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  1. Mmmm...sexy bruises ;0)

    I haven't picked this up yet...BUT, I think I have to consider getting her, since she is SO pretty!