Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer


This is another CND Effects polishes, I am really enjoying these polishes and want to buy more. This is CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer. Shimmer Effects are different than Sparkle Effects; Shimmer adds a tiny micro shimmer, where the Sparkle is more of a chunky glitter.

To show how Ice Blue Shimmer changes the looks of polishes I layered it over Essie Licorice (pointer finger), OPI Funky Dunky (middle finger), OPI Planks A Lot (ring finger), and OPI Alpine Snow (pinky finger.) The most dramatic change is on Licorice, Ice Blue Shimmer changes the black creme into a black base with blue shimmer.

<3 Kim

Friday, August 26, 2011

CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle


This is the first of some new CND Effects I got I am going to show you all. CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle is a top coat that you layer on top of another polish to totally change the look of the original polish. I love all of the CND Effects because they give new life to your old polishes!

To show you all Raspberry Sparkle I layered it over Essie Licorice (pointer finger), OPI Dim Sum Plum (middle finger), OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (ring finger), and OPI Alpine Snow (pinky finger.)

Depending on the lighting and angle of the nail Raspberry Sparkle morphs each polish differently. I really like this polish. Its an easy and quick way to totally change up the look of either an old favorite polish, or a few day old mani when your in a rush.

<3 Kim

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Essie Glamour Purse


Glamour Purse was the only polish I got from the Essie Fall collection. The rest didn't really appeal to me, or I had polish that was too similar so I didn't need another. I found that a lot of fall collections really overlapped this year.

Glamour Purse is a murky taupish creme, with some purple that doesn't really translate onto the nail. I used two thick coats for these pictures. The formula was good, way better than the watery stuff Essie has been coming out with lately!

I really like this polish, it is a great color for fall!

<3 Kim

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nfu Oh 61- Swatched!


I finally have Nfu Oh 61 swatches for you all. I got this in the mail about a week ago, but have been waiting to use it for a special occasion, and today being the first day of my classes was the winner!

I got Nfu Oh Aqua Base to go along with 61which was definitely a smart choice. The Aqua Base makes 61 go on much smoother and way less patchy than without it. I used one coat of Aqua Base and three coats of 61 for these pictures. This polish is really thin, and you can see any flaws on your actual nail when you aren't in light that shows the holo effect.

Inside without a flash. This is how 61 looks when there isn't any light hitting it. It looks like a chrome bumper to me!

These two are inside with a flash. You can start to see the holo effect, but it gets even better outside, I promise!

Outside, with full sunlight. Amazing, drool worthy, linear holo!!!<3

If you don't have Nfu Oh 61 yet and are now in complete need of it because of how AMAZING it is you can buy it at Fabulous Street! I just checked and as of now this polish is still in stock, so hurry over if you want it. :)

<3 Kim (my attempt at holoing my name!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep Maven!


I'm super excited about what I have to show you all today! My first Julep Maven box came in the mail today. If you haven't heard of Julep Maven yet, its a program where for $19.99 a month you receive at least $40.00 worth of Julep products that are hand picked for you. There is a promotion right now, so you can sign up and the first month costs only $4.99, its an amazing deal! On top of your monthly box, you also get 20% off of anything on their website and free shipping.

My questionire determined that I was an American Beauty, and my box has a retail value of $76.00. I recieved two nail polishes, one nail treatment, a hand treatment and two small samples.

For the nail polishes I got Cameron, a bright pink creme and Alfre a light purple shimmer. My nail treatment is called Julep Nail Therapy which is supposed to hydrate and protect. I am super excited about trying the Nail Therapy! The hand treatment is the Glycolic Hand Scrub. I already tried it, and it made my hands super soft!

I'll post swatch pictures later, but here are preview pictures!

To sign up for Julep Maven you can follow this link which provides me with a credit. Once you sign up you can get your own personalized link to share with all of your friends and you can start receiving credits yourself! The code to make the first month only $4.99 is smh9oxu. I hope you all take advantage of this code to start receiving these awesome products!

<3 Kim

Saturday, August 20, 2011

OPI Dim Sum Plum


I picked up OPI Dim Sum Plum a while ago after I heard it was an amazing one coater. I'm here to tell you the rumors are true! Dim Sum Plum is a nail art fanatics dream, it goes on perfectly in one coat and dries super fast because it only needs one coat.

Dim Sum Plum is a deep pink creme that leans slightly towards purple. Like I already said the formula on this polish is amazing. Dim Sum Plum would be perfect for those days when you need a last minute mani on your way out the door. I think everyone should own this color!

Since I can't leave anything alone for too long I decided to try OPI Silver Shatter over Dim Sum Plum. I was not a big fan of Silver Shatter over the Pirates collection that it came with because I felt the colors from that collection were so light and muted when Silver Shatter was added they just looked washed out.

I love Dim Sum Plum over Silver Shatter! Dim Sum Plum shines from under Silver Shatter, and where Silver Shatter is sheer it peeks out, instead of looking muted like lighter colors do. This is the kind of color Silver Shatter should have been introduced with, I think it looks a lot better over brighter colors. What do you all think about Silver Shatter?

<3 Kim

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orly Galaxy Girl


I just picked up Orly Galaxy Girl the other day,  it has been a polish I have been wanting forever and I am glad I finally got it.  I love this color!

The formula is a whole other issue though, I had so many problems getting this on even. It took three coats on some nails and four on others. I had to start completely over on one nail because the polish refused to be even. Since the color is so amazing I decided that it is ok that the formula is horrible.

Orly Galaxy Girl has a shimmering deep plum base and it has amazing teal sparkles. I think this color looks like a sexy bruise. I know, I'm crazy. :)

Here is a blurry picture that shows the teal sparkles like they truly appear on the nail.

This is definitely a must have polish for me! I'm even considering a back up bottle now that I finally bought it!

<3 Kim

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lavender Envy

Hello! I have an awesome color to show you all today. This is an older Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, the color name is Lavender Envy. I'm not really sure how old this is, but I found it recently at Big Lots. First off this is definitely meant to be a layering polish, I was up to five coats and still had VNL when I gave up on seeing how many coats it takes to get this polish opaque.

Lavender Envy has a great formula, it is really easy to work with. However it is older and totally stinky, it made my eyes water!  I started this mani with two thick coats of OPI Rumple's Wiggin' a light purple from the Shrek collection. I then added one thin coat of Lavender Envy. I love, love, love the blue shimmer that is in Lavender Envy. It is gorgeous.

This picture shows how it looks in lower light situations. It looks like Rumple's Wiggin' with a little frost. Nice, but not amazing. 

Now for the amazing! These pictures show the blue shimmer that comes out when the light hits this mani. The pictures really don't do this color justice.

Then I decided that I should try Lavender Envy over black. I started with two coats of Essie Licorice, then topped it with a thin coat of Lavender Envy. When Lavender Envy is layered over black an even better blue shimmer appears!

I totally love this polish! If you don't already have it and you need it like I did, I would suggest finding it soon before its gone forever.

<3 Kim

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nfu Oh 51


This is one of my all time favorite polishes! I just love how it morphs into a rainbow, and I am always amazed by the look of flakies, so this is a dream polish for me. :)

I started this mani off with two coats of Milani Totally Cool. Totally Cool has the same rainbow morphing tendencies as Nfu Oh 51 in the bottle, but on the nail it just has the red orange shimmer. Totally Cool has a thin formula, and on the first coat it is super patchy, but once the second coat is on it is an awesome deep shimmering purple.

I added a single coat of Nfu Oh 51 over Milani Totally Cool. Nfu Oh 51 is amazing! The formula is great, and since I was layering I only needed one coat. Layering Nfu Oh 51 over Milani Totally Cool ads so much more dimension to the polish. I topped this mani with one coat of Seche Vite.

I added a bunch of pictures because this mani looks so different from every angle. This polish makes me drool!  

<3 Kim

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nfu Oh 61

No, I didn't swatch it for you... but I did just order it! For U.S. customers Fabulous Street just got Nfu Oh 61 and the Aqua Base back in stock! If you've been lemming it like I have hurry on over and order it before its gone again! I'll swatch it for you as soon as it gets here... I can't wait!

<3 Kim

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never Underpolished Giveaway

Never Underpolished is giving away the entire Zoya Smoke and Mirrors collection. This is an awesome giveaway... head on over to Never Underpolished if you want to enter for a chance to win!

<3 Kim

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink


Today I wanted to show you a polish that is just as much of an amazing glitter bomb as the Nails Inc. polishes from yesterday but that is much cheaper and more accessible. So I bring you Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink!

Rockstar Pink is full of pink, blue and red small round glitter and gold micro glitter. The formula was great, two easy coats and it was fully opaque. I really am loving these glitter bombs! I used Seche Vite to really make this polish sparkle to it's fullest potential.

Where to buy: drugstores

Cost: $2.00- $4.00

<3 Kim

Monday, August 8, 2011

Nails Inc. Bloomsbury Square & Connaught Square


Yesterday when I was wandering aimlessly through Sephora I stumbled upon the new Nails Inc. display and literally screamed in delight. I have some Nails Inc. polishes on my wish list and have been waiting to need enough makeup to make an online order with Sephora, but now I don't have to because I got my two biggest lemmings from Nails Inc. in store!

I decided to get Connaught Square and Bloomsbury Square because I love glitter, I love multi-shaped glitter, I love multi-colored glitter and I love polishes that are glitter bombs! If you haven't caught on yet I am totally in love with GLITTER!!:)

I obviously had to swatch these right away because I am in love with them both! I started with Bloomsbury Square. The formula on this polish is amazing. It is so packed with glitter it only took two coats to be completely opaque. It is super easy to work with, slightly thick, but it works perfectly because you want your nails to be jam packed with glitter. I used Seche Vite as a top coat for these swatches.

Bloomsbury Square has micro circular purple glitter and larger circular pink glitter suspended in a hardly there clear base... it is seriously almost 100% glitter going onto your nails!

Next I swatched Connaught Square. The formula is the same as with Bloomsbury, simply put it is perfect! I used Seche Vite as a top coat for these swatches to really make Connaught Square shine!

Connaught Square has micro circular blue glitter and larger circular purple glitter suspended in the same hardly there clear base as Bloomsbury Square.

I definitely see more Nails Inc. polishes in my future! There are two more of these Special Effects 3D polishes and an entire line of cremes, shimmers, and regular glitters.

Where to buy: Sephora, Sephora.com

Cost: $9.50

<3 Kim

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Planet Beauty


Just a quick post to let you all know about an awesome deal going on right now. So I went into Planet Beauty today and the staff had on pins advertising a free gift for liking the store on Facebook. I asked what the gift was and it is a free OPI polish with any purchase. All you have to do is show them where you liked the page on your phone and you get a free polish of your choice. I was super excited, its a savings of $8.50 on something all of us polish lovers are going to buy anyways! My store also had the new Touring America collection in stock so it was a win win :)

You might want to call ahead to make sure they are offering the promo at your local Planet Beauty, but my best guess is that they are because on Facebook Planet Beauty is one store, not listed per location.

<3 Kim

Aziza Pink Flakie

Hello again!

This post is about an unnamed Aziza polish that I named Pink Flakie because of its tiny pink flakies... creative I know lol :) As far as I know Aziza is only carried at 99 Cent Stores, if anyone knows differently please let me know!

Pink Flakie is definitely meant to be a top coat. Here I layered one coat of Pink Flakie over Wet and Wild Black Creme.

This is a great find for only .99, I am totally loving the color!

 <3 Kim

Sally Hansen High Definition Resolution

Hello all!

Today I was at the 99 Cent Store and I found a single bottle of Sally Hansen HD Resolution, while this isn't a color I would normal pick up I decided that for .99 you can't go wrong!

Resolution is a bright grass green, packed full of shimmer; the down fall is that it is frosty which means one thing... brush strokes! Resolution has a very good formula, so the it was fairly easy to get the brush strokes to even out. I used two thick coats for the photos below.

This is with flash, it shows the duochrome effect;  this is not true to color.

This is without flash; this is true to color. 

<3 Kim

Friday, August 5, 2011


I just made a Facebook for For the Love of Polish!

The link is here if anyone is interested in liking me!

<3 Kim

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Orly Oh Cabanna Boy!

Hello all! Today I have a Konad manicure for everyone. I topped two layers of Orly Oh Cabanna Boy! with the leopard print stamp from Konad plate m57, followed by a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust. I love this look. It was so sparkly that my camera wouldn't focus, so you get a blurred out picture, but you can still see its beauty! :)

<3 Kim

Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Hello! Today I have a glitter sandwich for you. I layered Essie Turquoise & Caicos, NYC Starry Silver Glitter, and Essie Turquoise & Caicos all topped with a layer of Seche Vite. Essie Turquoise & Caicos is very sheer, it takes about 4-5 layers to become opaque; so it is a perfect polish for layering in glitter sandwiches!

<3 Kim

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chanel Morning Rose

What better way to start a blog than with some Chanel right? Well I think it is a great idea! This is an amazing pink polish, that I fell in love with and had to track down when I saw swatches posted on another blog. I love it so much I wore it for my 21st birthday!

Morning Rose is a squishy salmon pink with gold micro glitter. I wore three coats in the following photos. 

<3 Kim