Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nfu Oh 61- Swatched!


I finally have Nfu Oh 61 swatches for you all. I got this in the mail about a week ago, but have been waiting to use it for a special occasion, and today being the first day of my classes was the winner!

I got Nfu Oh Aqua Base to go along with 61which was definitely a smart choice. The Aqua Base makes 61 go on much smoother and way less patchy than without it. I used one coat of Aqua Base and three coats of 61 for these pictures. This polish is really thin, and you can see any flaws on your actual nail when you aren't in light that shows the holo effect.

Inside without a flash. This is how 61 looks when there isn't any light hitting it. It looks like a chrome bumper to me!

These two are inside with a flash. You can start to see the holo effect, but it gets even better outside, I promise!

Outside, with full sunlight. Amazing, drool worthy, linear holo!!!<3

If you don't have Nfu Oh 61 yet and are now in complete need of it because of how AMAZING it is you can buy it at Fabulous Street! I just checked and as of now this polish is still in stock, so hurry over if you want it. :)

<3 Kim (my attempt at holoing my name!)

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