Friday, August 26, 2011

CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle


This is the first of some new CND Effects I got I am going to show you all. CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle is a top coat that you layer on top of another polish to totally change the look of the original polish. I love all of the CND Effects because they give new life to your old polishes!

To show you all Raspberry Sparkle I layered it over Essie Licorice (pointer finger), OPI Dim Sum Plum (middle finger), OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (ring finger), and OPI Alpine Snow (pinky finger.)

Depending on the lighting and angle of the nail Raspberry Sparkle morphs each polish differently. I really like this polish. Its an easy and quick way to totally change up the look of either an old favorite polish, or a few day old mani when your in a rush.

<3 Kim

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  1. I LOVE CND and their effects! Their colors are really good too. I just posted a duo from them today...LOVE LOVE LOVE! I especially like your "Dim Sum" combo :)